Monochromatic Boys Room

It's surprising how fast weeks fly by between summer school breaks, illnesses, moving to-do's, job transitioning, etc. I originally planned to blog every week, but over the last weeks, I've realised that this may be a bit too ambitious for the time being.

During my time away from blogging, we've made some progress on our 'moving to-do's', but mainly focused on getting our boys' room set-up. In each of the homes we've lived in, our boys' room is one of the first rooms I do. Of course, we set-up our kitchen/dining room, living room, etc... but the boys' room is the room I try to finish first. I feel it's so important for their transition into a new space to have a comfortable place to sleep and call their own. Their room is not 100% complete and I still need to shop for some accessories and perhaps paint an accent wall, but I wanted to share their room as it is now.

If you've been following our Godsey Interiors blog, you may remember the original design planned for our boys' room. If you missed it, you can read it here. For the most part, we kept to the design, color scheme is the same, furnishing for the most part, layout, but we had to make some changes along the way.

One of the biggest changes we made was to decide to put two dressers/wardrobes in their space. We decided we are going to loose our permanent guest bedroom and turn it into the boys' playroom. The little tent we planned to go in the corner of their room fits great in the playroom now.

The boys finally got their bunkbeds and we couldn't be happier with it! The white matches their wardrobes perfectly, the height between the bunks works well for adults to sit in the lower bunk, and best of all, the bunk bed can be separated into two single beds. I love having this as a option in the case we want to change things up.

The ladder on their bunk bed is pretty cool as well. We were going to go with a bed with a ladder connected at the top and bottom to the bed, but I was worried that it wouldn't be so comfortable to climb and would likely leave ladder markings on the bottom bedrail. When we found this bed and it had a leaning ladder, I was sold. I also like how they have little cut-outs along the side of the ladder for the boys to grab while climbing down. Another bonus benefit which I didn't think of before, but am so happy about now.... I can stand on their ladder and easily fix Noah's top bunk covers. I can only imagine how inconvenient it would be to fix his bed if I couldn't comfortably, hands-free stand on the ladder and throw his covers in place.

Check out Jonah's bottom bunk!! One of my favourite things about their new room is sitting in the lower bunk. It's so cozy and I love the view to their chalkboard wall! I also like these IKEA Hektar wall lights we added to give them some personal lighting while in bed. Installing the light on the lower bunk was easy, but the top bunk was a bit more tricky since we didn't want to drill into the walls. I'll have to share in another post how we solved this problem.

I always wanted to give the boys a large chalkboard wall to draw on... and if I'm honest, for me to draw on as well. :) Whenever I see posts on Pinterests of large wall surfaces painted with chalkboard paint, I always wonder how I can replicate the effect in my own home. I love the black surface and how the chalk colors pop. We didn't originally plan to put this in their room, but when I came across a self-adhesive chalkboard panel at the store, I couldn't resist giving it a try. The boys love it!... and so do I!

After putting it in place, I asked them to draw whatever they wanted. This is what they came up with. Watching them draw their mountain landscape is one of the memories I will reflect on constantly when I think of their room. They are definitely my little artists!

So that's their room for now! I love it and! I'm also so proud at how much we saved by repurposing a lot of the stuff we already had. Although we reused a lot, the room still feels totally different than any room we've put together.

This weekend we will be back at our chalet for a long weekend. I have a big project planned and hopefully, *fingers crossed*, we will be able to complete it. I can't wait to share when it's complete. Hopefully the beautiful outdoors won't be too distracting!!

Until next time...

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