Mountain Chalet Boys Room- Styled!

Wow, a couple of weeks have past since I last blogged! Time slipped away while we were in our Austrian chalet between hiking, long dinners with friends and just enjoying some down time as a family. Now we are back in Germany, our goods from Moscow have arrived, and we are in the process unpacking and settling in. Busy times ahead for the next days/weeks!

Before we left our chalet, I snapped some photos of our boys' room. I am still so overjoyed that our loft is now useable... and our boys are love their new room! Here's a link to the post which shows a before and after of the loft space if you missed it. It's amazing the space you gain when you remove the beds from the main living space. Not only do the boys now have a cozy space to sleep and relax, but they also have a lot of space below to play games, do crafts and just be boys!

Immediately after the install was complete, we moved their mattresses to the top of the loft and the boys and I started to decorate the walls. I bought a bunch of glow in the dark stars and planets to stick on the wall. We had lots of fun deciding where to put each of the planets and stars. The end result is perfect and looks so cool at night with the stars and planets lightly glowing. It kind of makes me wish I was a kid again!

Tauerndorf Mountain Chalet Boys Room

For space under the loft, we kept it minimal so the boys have room to spread and play. We have two dressers for clothes, a craft table, and cute rug for playing cars. We currently use some of the toys as decoration (see our window sill and dresser top) and the others are stored away in the two grey stools. I love furniture with dual function!

Tauerndorf Mountain Chalet Boys Room

Tauerndorf Mountain Chalet Boys Room

One of the first things I added to their walls was a mountain mural I made from electric tape. I love the monochromatic look and statement it makes in the room, but most of all, how simple it was to create! Just a roll of electric tape and some creativity!

Tauerndorf Mountain Chalet Boys Room

On the other wall, the boys created art for me to hang. Isn't it amazing!?! I'm such a proud mom, I know!

Tauerndorf Mountain Chalet Boys Room

Here are some other snaps of the room. There are still a few more adjustments I'd like to make, but I think that will always be the case for the rooms I decorate.

Now I'm working on the boys' room in our Apartment on the Park. You can see the design concept here. Some things have slightly changed, but it is coming together and I can't wait to share the 'after' in an upcoming blog.

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