About me...

Hi! My name is Maria and welcome to Godsey Interiors! I'm a design enthusiast with a love of cultures, learning, exploring and all things beautiful. My husband, Joseph, and I consider ourselves a very nomadic family, having travelled and lived in multiple countries over the last years. 


With all our traveling and moving, we've had the chance to set-up multiple homes for our family... some we've rented and others we have bought.  I enjoy the hunt of finding our next rental or property purchase.  Sometimes I think I should have gone into Real Estate or Property Development!  Perhaps someday soon. :)  When it comes to purchasing, my husband is the brains of the finances and all things contractual, while I'm the designer and project manager!  He loves numbers and I love to decorate and create beautiful spaces for our family.  My favorite part of design and decorating is figuring out how to create stylish, modern spaces that are functional and family- and budget-friendly.


This blog is a cronicle of the multiple homes we created as a family. We hope they serve as a little inspiration as you create your own home.  Two of the homes profiled here were somewhat custom built, so I plan to share some of the stories around decisions we made when it came to the floorplaning and design.  


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Thanks for stopping by!