I have a new client!

Well,.... kind of. My new, little client is six years old, an excellent negotiator, knows what he wants, and definitely expects results! For those that missed the announcement on Facebook, our family is moving back to Germany into our former apartment. My brain is already racing with thoughts of how to redesign our space!

Last night I started working on our boy's room and searching online for beds. They've been asking for a bunk bed for a while and I promised to get them one when we moved back to Germany. Their room is small and a bunk bed makes a lot of sense. While looking at different options, my oldest, Noah, got a glimpse and the rest was history. He sat with me and gave me his opinion on each bed we looked at. Before he went to sleep, he gave me my 'homework' to 'come up with some options and he will pick which one his likes'. His one solid requirement was that he wants his room to be black and white.... perhaps with some pirates in it. :) His younger brother was not as opinionated, thank goodness! Long are the days when I can design and decorate their room as I want.

Here's a sneak peak at what I'm thinking. The boys are explorers who love the outdoors, nature and animals. They often talk of 'going camping' and being under the stars. They also love legos, Playmobil, Police, Firemen and building toys, but we'll save those elements for their playroom. I've tried to balance the amount of new objects in the room with some items we currently have and can reuse. It goes before my little client tonight for his thoughts. Wish me luck!

p.s. For a better understanding of the design, be sure to read the comments below related to each design element.

Boys bedroom design board, little campers, monochrome room

1) A little tent will be perfect for pretending to be outdoors under the stars. I'd like to add fairy lights inside or a lantern for some lighting.

2) DIYing these monochromic prints of wildlife, camp themed art, or quotes with the boys will be great. It will be special having their artwork on the walls.

3) This is the color scheme I'm shooting for. Noah wants black and white, but I wanted to add some color. His favorite color is blue and his brother's favorite is orange. This mix will work nicely together.

4) Simple bedding with monochrome print pillows. Each bed will have their signature blue or orange pop of color.

5) We will use their existing wardrobe. It's white, functional and perfect for the space we have in the room

6) A grey mountain mural goes with the outdoor theme.

7) The boys currently have these grey blackout curtains, so I will try to reuse them

8) I'd like to DYI this wall art with the boys using their initials.

9) This is the bunk bed my client really wants, minus all the pirate flags, curtains, tunnels, etc. I'm sure this will be a discussion point.I I like the drawers beneath the bed for storage, but may consider putting a trundle bed for sleepovers.

10) I love having books in the boys room and have always wanted to display them on picture ledges. This will also bring some color into the room.

11) I'd like to reuse the boys' existing drum shade ceiling light and perhaps add a lighted star

12) Another reuse item.. I love the grey tones of this cowhide rug

13) I always like to add a chair in a bedroom. Complimented with a natural wood side table, it's the perfect spot for chats, cuddles or reading.


These are the items used in the room. Click to see the Polypore set created for this room with direct shopping links.

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