Top IKEA Picks for 2016!!

With every move we do, we always seem to find ourselves at our local IKEA. I just can't help it. There always seems to be something new we need to buy for our new home and it needs to come from IKEA.

In my previous post, I mentioned we started working on our boys' room in our Apartment on Südstadt. The biggest change to their room so far has been their new bed. We changed from two junior beds to a standard size bunk bed. New bed meant new sheets, which meant a needed shopping trip to IKEA! You see the logic, right?

Top IKEA Picks for 2016!!

I took the trip this time without the boys... no husband, no kiddies! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This gave me time to stroll the aisles and look through each of their room vignettes. I'm continually impressed with some of the space saving solutions they come up... really genius!

Since we just shopped IKEA to furnish most of our Moscow Penthouse and parts of our Mountain Chalet, I'm pretty familiar with their offering. However, on this trip, I spotted some new items! Here's a summary of my favorite finds from their new collection. Well... most items are new and I've included some old favourites as well!

1. VIKTIGT Woven Baskets - I love these baskets! I could see this in our boys' play room to hold some of their stuffed toys, costums, or blankets. The whole VIKTIGT Series is pretty nice and definitely worth checking out as well. Price: 24.99 EUR

IKEA VIKTIGT Woven Baskets

2. RISSNA Tables - They have a rounded and rectangular version. Both are great and could easily complement many living spaces. Price: 99.99 EUR

IKEA RISSNA Coffee table

3. TILLFÄLLE Cork Lampshade - This lampshade is a perfect way to add a bit of earthiness to a room.... I think I may need to get this for our boys' room! Price: 17.99 EUR


4. STOCKHOLM 3-Seater Leather Sofa - This is not new to IKEA, but still one of my favourite IKEA sofas. The leather is so soft and the design is timeless. We used this sofa in our Moscow Penthouse and will bring it to our Mountain Chalet shortly. Price: 1,699 EUR

IKEA STOCKHOLM 3-seater Sofa

5. ANVÄNDBAR Plaid Blanket - I have an obsession with blankets and this one caught my eye. It's modern dary grey plaid pattern with a pop of green is perfect for any monochromatic room. I could easily see us nestling up with this throw on a cold winter night in our Mountain Chalet. Price: 19.99 EUR.


6. HÄXÖRT Bedding - We personally own these sheets. The material is softer than most of the IKEA bedding and we love the minimal design. Price range: 29.99 - 59.00 EUR


7. TYSSEDAL Bedroom Series - This bedroom series is a nice change to the boxy standard bedroom furniture typically seen at IKEA. I think it would go lovely in a children's room and have used it as part of my design of Celine's Pastel Pretty Room. Price range: 79.99 - 229 EUR

IKEA TYSSEDAL 5-Drawer Chest

8. HEKTAR​ Lights - They come in shades of bronze, matt dark grey, and glossy white... all are fabulous! We have the dark grey version above our dining table in our Mountain Chalet. Prices vary depending on the size of the lamp, but range from 19.99 - 69.99 EUR.

IKEA HEKTAR​ Light - Dark Grey
HEKTAR​ Lights - Bronze

9. SKOGSTA Table - This table is an absolute steal! If it came in a smaller size, I would buy this for our Mountain Chalet. I love the form and color of the base and the natural wood top above. Price: 399 EUR


10. KNODD​ - I love the matt finish of this container and could see it used in so many ways... toy storage, laundry basket, recycling.. the options are endless! Price: 12.99 EUR


So these were my favourite new pieces of 2016. Hope you enjoyed! Until soon,

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