Before and After - Moscow Penthouse Transformation

The last several days (maybe I could even say weeks!) have been such a blur with the amount of things going on in preparation for our move to Germany. Last week our movers finished emptying our apartment, we handed over the keys to our landlord, and now we are settled back into our apartment on the park in Germany. Our furniture hasn't arrived yet and our apartment is a bit bare, but things are starting to feel like home again.

It's interesting the feeling that comes over you when you move out a place... seeing your home which was filled with all your belongings turn back into an empty space. It's almost as if you can still feel the memories, but then the memories feel so distant since the room doesn't look the same as it did when the memories were made. Does that make any sense? I really become attached to the homes we live in (there have been quite a few), but our penthouse in the city center of Moscow found its way into a very special place in my heart.

While I waited for our landlord to arrive for our handover, I quickly snapped some shots of each of the rooms. I thought it would be fun to put together a 'Before and After' of the space. I love looking at room transformations and seeing what an empty room looks like after some love and design is put into it.

Moscow Penthouse Transformation - Before and After

If you'd like to a see full home tour of our Moscow Penthouse, click here. You'll find a lot more 'after' photos of each of the rooms.

Living Room:

Dining Room:

Master Bedroom:

Boys Room:


Good-bye Moscow Penthouse. We will treasure the memories! Until next time,

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