3 things every creative workspace needs

This will be my last day in our office/shared play room with the boys. Our movers start packing tomorrow and we'll have them start here first. As I sit here preparing for the week ahead, I can't stop thinking about how well this workspace has functioned for me and how some major life milestones were created here: learning to speak Russian, designing and managing the build of our Mountain Chalet, and launching Godsey Interiors, Don't get me wrong, it didn't always start this way. I had to reorganize my space several times throughout our two years here, but in the end, I found something that worked.

Our next home will have more space for my office. Godsey Interiors will need room to grow and with my oldest starting primary school, he'll want his own desk next to mine. So why did this space function so well for me? Can I recreate it in our new home? As I started to think about the things that worked well, it really came down to these three thing. I hope they help you to create the effective workspace you've always wanted.

3 things every creative workspace needs:

1st point

Something Pretty - first and foremost, your workplace has to look good. It has to be an environment you like to spend your time in and look at. You want your space to be clutter-free, light and bright, and if possible, have a wonderful view from a nearby window.

- Try to limit the amount of things on your desk. Just because you have space on your desktop, it doesn't mean you have to fill it up with all the usual office accessories (stapler, post-its, paper clips, etc). These can all be stored in a drawer near-by.

- For lighting, try to bring in a lamp that reflects your personal style and has a nice look. Don't limit yourself to the standard office desk lamps.

- As with your desk light, your desk chair can have style as well. There are many comfortable variants for office chairs, other than the typical black, large computer desk chair you see littered in many office environments. I actually use an extra dining room chair we had, and it works great!

- When deciding on furniture placement, think about how you can position your desk to take advantage of the views from the room. Don't shove your desk against a blank wall in the corner. This won't be any fun to work from and actually leads me to the second thing your workspace should have.

2nd point

Something Inspiring - surround your space with inspiration. Whether it be a quote you've framed, a picture or memento that reminds you of something you are proud of, or your vision board for the year ahead. It will be these items that keep you focused to work on the things you want to accomplish and give you courage and strength whenever you are in doubt. My favorite quote currently is from Nelson Mandela "It Always seems impossible until it's Done". It sits in plain sight from where I sit and I catch a glimpse of it many times while I work. Whenever I need a little push to get through a rough patch, I look up and repeat this quote.

This isn't the only quote I have around me, but definitely the one that has had the most impact. So what gives you inspiration? Do you have it next to you where you work? If you need an inspirational quote for your workspace, check out my Inspirational Quotes Pinterest board and hopefully you'll find the perfect one for you!

3rd point

Some system - The most practical of the things your workspace needs to be is, of course, efficient. What are the things you need to have accessible to you at arms reach? Does your computer take up too much desk space, leaving you no room to take notes, reference books, do crafts or spread your paperwork? Or is it the other way around? Has your paperwork, kids drawings, magazines or bills left you no room to comfortably type at your computer, resulting in you just piling everything to the side?

I've found that if I don't have a specific place for the items I use on a regular basis, my workspace quickly turns into a cluttered mess. I should also mention that this space has to be near or at my desk. If it's not nearby and I don't have a place for it, it will likely end up on my desk in a pile.

While I was studying Russian, I found my desk to be overwhelmed with schoolwork, books and notes. When it got to the point that I could no longer function in the space, I decided to come up with a system for where I could store old homework and papers, the books I used on a daily basis, and a place for all my pens, pencils and erasers. This was also the case with my boys' artwork. I feel so blessed that they love to draw and are often gifting me their masterpieces. At first I tried to display each of their artwork, but it became overwhelming and started invading my workspace. Now I have a special binder for their art.

As well, with each item having its own place, lost time searching for what you need goes away. When we were in the design phase of our Mountain Chalet, my ruler seemed to always go missing. Unfortunately I can't completely blame the boys for this one. I just didn't have a place identified where I always put it. Sometimes it would be in my left-side drawer, sometimes the right side, and sometimes under a pile of floor plan revisions! Eventually, I found an optimal place for it and my frustrations went away.

Hope these tips help you to bring your workspace up a notch. If you found it useful, please feel free to share with your friends on social media. Until next time..

Maria Godsey from Godsey Interiors

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