Travel-themed Boys Room

When setting up our boys room, my goal was to give the room a very light and calm feeling, filled with shades of blue and hints of green. I didn't want to go with the typical Marvel Comic characters, Disney Cars, or other action-figure themed rooms. I wanted something that could grow with them during our time here in Moscow. Seeing as we just moved, a travel or transportation themed bedroom seemed the perfect fit. Light blue fabrics, white furniture, silver lamps, and a large world map brought it all together! It was actually the world map that inspired me to design this room the way I did.

We actually didn't have too buy much to buy in order to get their room ready. To ease the transition of moving from Germany to Russia, we decided to keep the same furniture and for the most part, the same bedroom layout. We did purchase some new things like the big world map, bedding, and new curtains, but the rest came from our previous house. This helped a lot and the boys felt immediately at home in their new space.

I really wanted our boys to feel relaxed when they entered their new room. It also had to be simple enough for them to keep in order and clean. I do help them fix their blankets every morning (which is super simple with these beds), but rest they do themselves. We set-up another room in our apartment as their play room, so this room really is just for sleeping, reading and getting dressed. We use the world map to show the boys where we live now, where we lived in the past and where their relatives live. It really helps them to have perspective on how big the world is... and why it's night time here, but morning when they talk to their grandparents!

I really hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of their space. In the thumbnails, I've indicated where I bought the items in the photo. Feel free to comment below!

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